• Self-Care

    In a fast-flowing world, it is very easy for us to get carried away with the stresses and responsibilities that we each carry with us.

    Taking a stroll through the woods, or a bracing walk by the coast, or even a picnic in the park can very easily get pushed down our list of priorities.

    Carving out some regular time for ourselves to be outside and surrounded by nature and green spaces can make a huge difference to our physical and mental health; and taking a moment to look after our own wellbeing should always be top of the list.

  • Nature & Mental Health

    Sir David Attenborough talks about the benefits that spending time in nature can have on our wellbeing.


    This video was made in collaboration with Mind, a mental health charity in the UK.

    Watch Sir David Attenborough talk about the benefits of nature, in collaboration with the charity MIND.

  • The Wildlife Trusts

    The Wildlife Trusts promote the benefits of being in nature, whether it's out in the countryside or in your own back garden. Here you will find information on places you can visit, activities you can take part in, as well as other people sharing some of their own experiences. 

    In addition, if you want to explore the benefits of nature on wellbeing further, you can download a number of studies carried out by the University of Essex in collaboration with The Wildlife Trusts.

    More from The Wildlife Trusts.

  • Trees for Cities: 

    Benefits of Trees

    Edging very close to their target of planting 1 million trees, Trees for Cities is a UK charity whose primary objective is to improve the health and lives of people by planting trees in cities.


    The charity strives to raise awareness of the fact that people in cities are often not afforded the benefits of nature and trees, as well the inevitable impact this can have on people's mental health and overall wellbeing.

    Find out more from Trees for Cities.

  • Other Resources

    A list of evidence-based information on Ecotherapy from hundreds of trustworthy sources: visit NICE

    How does contact with nature affect our wellbeing? Article from RSPB, including further information on possible effects of marine biodiversity on wellbeing:

    visit RSPB

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