Limited Editions

What are Limited Editions?

A limited edition means that there will only ever be a certain number of prints produced, and once they are sold no more prints will be made available of that particular artwork. However, this does not mean that the image will not appear on some of our greeting cards.

Will I receive a certificate with my print?

Yes, all limited edition prints come with a authenticity certificate. The certificate is signed by the FineArt accredited printers who produce the print, and the photographer (E Woods). The certificate will also be dated, have the title of image and will have the edition number.

How many prints will there be?

This will vary with each print; some may only have 5 prints produced and some may have 100. The total number of limited edition prints being produced will be indicated in the product details section in the online shop.

Why should I buy a limited edition?

In a world full of mass-produced and instantly available merchandise, we wanted to provide our customers with something more individual and unique. If you really love one of our images (and we hope you do!) we want you to have the happy thought that you will be one of few people to own a print. In addition, we carefully hand wrap each print, include some complimentary cards of other images in the same collection, and donate 50p of the sale to the Woodland Trust.